About Us

About Us

How MedCenter got started

The idea behind MedCenter started with conversations between Drs. Posey, Lovely, Lovelady and McGee when they all worked together in the Emergency Department. They were seeing critical patients that needed to be in the ER but also patients that didn't necessarily have problems that were absolute emergencies, but none the less needed to be seen timely.

Minor injuries, illnesses, children with fever and ear aches had long waits due to a lower priority and a system that was not designed to treat minor illnesses efficiently. Taking care of a critical patient, major trauma or cardiac arrest patient takes a significant amount of time so when we were through seeing the critical patients, a long line of frustrated patients with problems that needed to be addressed were always waiting, sometimes for several hours. Our idea was to be able to provide a place for us to practice to see those patients that needed to be seen the day they were sick, in a timely fashion by an experienced physician and a well-trained staff. We wanted every patient to be treated with respect and not be made to feel that they "shouldn't be there”. This meant we were obligating ourselves to be available later hours and weekends. We wanted to staff as much as possible with personable physicians that have roots in the community and be a long term member of our team. We needed a location convenient to most of Tuscaloosa and a facility that was clean, modern and well equipped with adequate lab and radiology services, so most patients could benefit from not having to be sent elsewhere for further testing. Finally, we wanted to be able to care of both young and old, and those in between. We wanted to provide urgent care services for patients, as well as industrial medical services, employment physicals, and workers compensation injury evaluations and have physicians certified for Medical Review Officer services and FMSCA certified examiner services.

Our Mission

MedCenter’s mission is to provide exceptional health care and occupational health services to patients promptly and compassionately by experienced physicians, nurse practitioners and a well-trained staff.