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Minor Emergencies

Get immediate treatment at an urgent care center in Tuscaloosa, Northport, Demopolis, or Fayette, AL.

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Minor Illnesses

Whether you have a cold or an intestinal virus, we'll diagnose and treat the root cause of your symptoms.

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Occupational Health

Suffering from a work-related illness or injury? We provide comprehensive occupational healthcare services.

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We treat patients in Tuscaloosa, AL and surrounding areas, including Northport, Fayette, and Demopolis. Find a walk-in clinic near you.

We Treat Minor Emergencies, From Colds to Broken Bones

Find an urgent care center in Demopolis, Fayette or Northport, AL

Are you experiencing an allergic reaction? Suffering from a sports- or work-related injury? Feeling flu-ish? If you can't contact your family doctor, turn to MedCenter first for immediate medical treatment.

We're a family-owned and operated urgent care center that specializes in emergency and occupational medicine. Visit a walk-in clinic in Fayette, Demopolis, Northport today.

Providing quality medical care for Alabama residents

In 2002, we opened MedCenter South, P.C. with this mission: to provide exceptional healthcare and occupational health services to patients promptly and compassionately by experienced physicians, nurse practitioners and a well-trained staff.

Today, more than 15 years later, we've become a trusted source for urgent care in the Tuscaloosa, AL area. We can:

  • Treat minor injuries, including lacerations and fractures
  • Treat minor illnesses, including the flu
  • Provide occupational health services, including drug screenings

Visit our About Us page to learn more about our healthcare services.

What makes us different?

From the moment you arrive at a MedCenter walk-in clinic, you'll receive the attention and medical care you need. In order to provide you with the best possible emergency healthcare services, we have:

Five convenient locations:
Demopolis, AL | Fayette, AL | Tuscaloosa, AL | Northport, AL | NorthRiver, AL

State-of-the-art facilities:
X-ray machines | In-house laboratories | Separate pediatric waiting areas

Easily accessible clinics:
Well-lit parking areas near the main entrance

We also offer online check-ins so you can see a physician quickly. Get immediate treatment for your illness or injury by visiting one of our MedCenter locations today.

  • Northport, AL Location - MedCenter North

    3909 McFarland Boulevard
    Northport, AL 35476


    Call Us
    Phone: (205) 333-1993
    Fax: (205) 333-0293

    Mon: 8:30AM-7:00PM
    Tue: 8:30AM-7:00PM
    Wed: 8:30AM-7:00PM
    Thu: 8:30AM-7:00PM
    Fri: 8:30AM-7:00PM
    Sat: 8:30AM-7:00PM
    Sun: 1:00PM-7:00PM

  • Demopolis, AL Location - MedCenter Demopolis

    705 US-80
    Demopolis, AL 36732


    Call Us
    Phone: (334) 289-0225
    Fax: (334) 289-0245

    Mon: 8:30AM-6:00PM
    Tue: 8:30AM-6:00PM
    Wed: 8:30AM-6:00PM
    Thu: 8:30AM-6:00PM
    Fri: 8:30AM-6:00PM
    Sat: 9:00AM-5:00PM
    Sun: 1:00PM-5:00PM

  • Fayette, AL Location - MedCenter Fayette, P.C.

    122 17th Court Northeast
    Fayette, AL 35555


    Call Us
    Phone: (205) 932-7777
    Fax: (205) 932-8880

    Mon: 8:30AM-5:00PM
    Tue: 8:30AM-5:00PM
    Wed: 8:30AM-5:00PM
    Thu: 8:30AM-5:00PM
    Fri: 8:30AM-5:00PM
    Sat: 9:00AM-1:00PM
    Sun: Closed

  • Tuscaloosa, AL Location - MedCenter South PC

    5005 Oscar Baxter Drive
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405


    Call Us
    Phone: (205) 343-2225
    Fax: (205) 343-2230

    Mon: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Tue: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Wed: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Thu: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Fri: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Sat: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Sun: 1:00PM-8:00PM

  • Northriver, AL Location - MedCenter

    4960 Rice Mine Road, Suite 10
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35406


    Call Us
    Phone: (205) 333-9467
    Fax: (205) 758-1435

    Mon: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Tue: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Wed: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Thu: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Fri: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Sat: 8:30AM-8:00PM
    Sun: 9:00AM-1:00PM